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Managed Service
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Unli Hotspot Users

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Managed Service
API Integration
Subscription Support
Unli Hotspot Users
Note: Accounts will be deleted permanently if not continued/renewed after one (1) month of inactivity.
All prices are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed, except that prices for an orders that have been accepted by TaokiSpot™ are not subject to change after acceptance in one (1) year time. Prices stated do not use or excise tax or any other tax, duty or charge which is now in effect or may be hereafter imposed by any authority.

We Make Your Business Grow Faster and Smarter

TaokiSpot is a Cloud Hosted WiFi Hotspot Management system that provides robust and flexible solution to Micro to Large Enterprise Wireless Internet Service Providers.

Convert your Free WiFi customers to Paying Customer with new level, highly targeted and campaigns.

Smart User Management
Analysis and Insights
Personalized Campaigns
Data Collection

Our WiFi Hotspot Solution for Your Business

Having a free wireless internet access is everyones love to desire anywhere they go from Airports, Campuses, Hospitals and more as it's almost uncommon to the customers of the availability of Public Internet.

But can your businesses take an advantage on what is anticipated and materialize it into an opportunity for revenue growth? TaokiSpot™ helps you converting your potential customers to paying customers.

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Smart User Management

Manage user creation manually or automatically via cash and cashless payment options

Personalized Campaigns

Leverage advertisement and marketing with highly targeted and personalized campaigns customer based.

Data Collection

Helping you to get a target customers and leverage marketing funnel strategies over data collected.

Analysis and Insights

Intuitive admin dashboard for data collection and monitoring for anaysis and insights.


Leading Managed SaaS I.T Solution Provider

Proactively helping businesses to strive in today’s digital world in marketing strategies. The three (3) main key factors that most of our client continue to use our services are:

Quality Customer Service Experience
Affordable and Competitive Price Value
Effective and efficient value for money

Popular API Integration Ready

An API is a way to communicate with a computer program. The program is typically an implementation of one or several algorithms. Algorithm on the other hand is a way to do things, essentially a set of instructions/steps.

Xendit Payment Gateway - Visit Official Page
Sempahore SMS Gateway - Visit Official Page

Frequently Asked Questions

Signup thru the registration link on this website with valid email address, an email will be sent to you for pre-validation. After validating you just need to settle the payment via GCash/Maya. Payments are accumulative base on the denomination of amount receive versus on the prorated value equivalent.

The system is communicating over Secured Shell (SSH) communication usually on port 22 (depends on the configured port in MikroTik).

A. Communication via Public IP - can be done when your MikroTik is directly reachable from the public internet; if not, you may do some tweaking by port forwading from the core router where the public IP is configured towards the MikroTik Access Concetrator internal IP/port.

B. You can use VPN service as long as the service port registered is the Secured Shell (SSH).

Note: Winbox is not the same port as SSH, winbox uses 8291 while SSH is 22 by default. Make sure you have enable SSH in MikroTik under IP > Services.

As of the moment, 1 account is equivalent to 1 Access Concentrator, though the account is transferrable to another Access Concentrator.

None, all prices are fixed but may change without prior notice yet purchased that have been acceped are not subject to change after acceptance. Thirds party integration such xendit Payment Gateway and Semaphore SMS Gateway is not included on the subscription.

You need to have a live account from Xendit, enable all payment methods and creat an API from settings. Copy this API to the System and save, you need to copy the webhook token as well for additional security in accepting payments. You may also change some features on the checkout page of your xendit account to customize the apperance and select the available payment methods. For more info please visit Xendit Official Page

You need to have an active account in Sempahore and available credits for the SMS transactions, minimum credit can be purchased is P1000 pesos and each SMS is equivalent to 0.5 credit. For more info please visit Semaphore Official Page

Note: One SMS is equivalent to 160 characters, if you exceed you will charge of another credit every 160 chracters

All accounts will be deleted including the data collected if inactive for more than 30 days after license expiration.

All active accounts are entitled unlimited feature updates automatically with free support limited to the usage of the system. All accounts have indefinite number entries on the database and no data/bandwidth capping on accessing the system.